In a nutshell our overview of a year

Since the acquisition of the Swedish Toul Meditech AB ™ in 2015, SurgiCube International® can offer solutions for almost any situation in which ultra clean air is essential for maximum patient safety. Toul Meditech AB ™ has developed a series of mobile units that generate ultra clean air directly over the area of ​​the operations and the instrument tables.

This expansion and growth of our organization did raise the need for an Operations Manager. To lead the professionalization in the right direction we hired Alwin van der Elburg. He works closely with our colleagues in Sweden and our distribution partners around the world and visits frequently businesses and conferences.

For the global rollout of the SurgiCube®- and Toul ™ products and for building an international distributors network, several international conferences were visited in 2015. There are contracts with distributors in e.g. Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia and the USA. To accelerate this rollout, we are currently looking for a International Sales Manager who wants to be part of the success team of SurgiCube International®.

The SurgiCube is in the FDA 510K Pre-submission process.

Our efforts have been noticed and from the regional business network we were rewarded spontaneously in December with the (Youth Award) InQbate Price.