Toul Meditech AB joins SurgiCube International BV

TOUL Meditech AB joins SurgiCube International BV
“Providing sterile air where it is essential: in and around the operating surface”.  That is what the SurgiCube® does. The SurgiCube® has proven to be effective and successful for many years and is now being made available internationally.

We are happy to announce that SurgiCube International BV has acquired TOUL Meditech AB from MGA Holding AB. TOUL Meditech AB was founded over 10 years ago and is also active in the field of infection prevention. TOUL has developed a range of mobile units that provide sterile air directly on the operating tables and instrument tables, to carry out microsurgical procedures and minor surgeries. The TOUL units and related shields are used frequently in Scandinavia and in other parts of Europe, both in hospitals and in private clinics.

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